Abseiling Contractor Public Liability Insurance

Abseiling comes in many forms within the construction trades, whether you’re dropping down a building to erect a sign, or getting to difficult parts of a building to clean or repair, you know that getting your Public liability insurance right is essential to protect you and your business.

Abseiling Liability Insurance

As an Abseiling Contractor you tend to specialise in key areas of service, be-it cleaning windows on a multistory office or erecting, working or construction at great heights. For this reason alone no “Off the Shelf” – “One suits all” insurance package would suit everyone’s individual commercial needs. My Trade Insured understand your business and have tailored solutions to meet your individual business requirements..

Abseiling Insurance

Get the covers you do need and not the ones you don’t. Call us today and speak with a broker who understands your business.

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