Cable Contractor Liability Insurance.

As a Cable contractor you set up, join and repair cable and other communications lines that provide customers with services, such as Internet and television.

When you install cables or cable jointing and network devices Public Liability Insurance is essential to protect you against claims from the public for any loss, damage or injury that you may cause in the course of your work where you have been negligent.

Being a cable contractor you work with a variety of materials, including fiber-optic cables, which may require splicing and other skilled work.

Whether you work in a residential environment, in offices or commercial premises, at heights or depths or with outdoor communications equipment, you need to be protected from potential claims. Public Liability Insurance provides this essential cover.

Insurance for Cable Contractors.

Public Liability cover for a cable contractor is the cornerstone of any business protection, but you may have other contractors that carry out work for you.

Depending on what work they carry out they will be either paid as an employee or a labour-only sub contractor, Employers Liability Insurance is not only an essential insurance cover but its also a statutory requirement meaning that you must have it by law.

For this reason alone no “Off the Shelf” – “One suits all” insurance package would suit everyone’s individual commercial needs. My Trade Insured understand your business and have tailored solutions to meet your individual business requirements..

Liability cover for Cable Contractors.

It really is essential that you obtain covers that work for you in the event of a loss. Online quote facilities have their place, as do call centers, but not in insurance.

Dealing with experienced knowledgeable  insurance brokers will not only provide the right cover for your Cable Contracting business, we can help you get the right price from some of the UK’s leading insurance companies and from Lloyd’s of London.

Get the covers you do need and not the ones you don’t. Call us today and speak with a broker who understands your business.

How much Public Liability insurance cover do you need?

As a cable contractor you will be working in varying environments and possibly different employers each may require you to have different levels of cover to carry out work for them. You may be the main contractor but still, you will be required to have a minimum level.

There is nothing in law that states that you must have Public Liability Insurance, however even if you are a sole trader or sub-contractor the company employing you will still require you to have cover.

Limit of Indemnity is the maximum the insurance company will pay in the event of a claim, £1,000.000 with most insurers is really the starting point, you can take £5million but depending on your employer, they may require even larger limits of indemnity with £10m becoming common place.

We are specialist liability insurance brokers and can place £100million and higher if required through our markets.

More than just Liability Insurance

Your business needs more than just Public and Employers Liability, other essential covers need to be considered to provide wider protection for your business.

Plant and Tools Insurance

Whether you just use Portable Hand Tools or something larger such as small generators, cutting gear and larger disk saws, taking out Own Plant Insurance you can cover all your daily work tools under one policy whether you are on site, in transit from A to B or whilst securely parked.

Legal Expenses Insurance

There are times when your Cable Contracting business needs advice about a wide range of subjects, whether this is general advice about business matters, how to deal with employee issues, problems with the HSE or HMRC for Tax or VAT, or that you may have a contract dispute with a customer or a supplier, legal expenses insurance is a must for your business.

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