Public Liability insurance for non-contracting trades.

You’re not a contractor in the construction industry but perhaps you don’t really fit other sectors specifically either. Whatever sector of business you belong to having Public Liability insurance in place is essential.

Businesses that require insurance cover in non-contracting trades, Service Engineers Insurance for instance, independent engineers whose job it is going from one breakdown to the next, perhaps in mechanical trades such as Printer Repair Engineers, Engineering Machinery repairers.

You might be a team of Surveyors, Fire Protection Engineers, those in the Security sector who need more specialist covers that might not just stop with basic liability insurance.

Combined Liability Insurance

Obtaining just public liability insurance isn’t necessarily going to cover all of your exposures, Combined Liability insurance for instance will provide much wider protections.

Although Public Liability insurance provides cover for any loss, damage or injury you may cause to a member of the public, Product Liability will usually be included, this protects you in the event of you supplying a product that causes a loss.

If you employ people then Employers Liability is an essential cover, in fact where you have people who carry out work for you Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement.

The types of insurance protection you need is varied, it very much depends on your business and what risks you may be exposed to.  A Service Engineer Insurance can provide wider cover than just liability, relying on their tools and potentially customers goods if they have to remove them from their customer’s premises.

Working with and advising customers has its implications, if you are designing and project managing, Professional Indemnity Insurance is an absolute must.

Non-Contractors Public Liability Insurance

Those in the security sector won’t have tools or customers goods, they have different risk exposures so insurance policies for them is more about their professional negligence or them failing to carry out a job for which they were hired.

Installers of Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and perhaps CCTV systems have unique risks, they have to plan the installations and then install them, whilst basic liability insurance cover is essential there are specialist covers such as Efficacy or Professional Indemnity.

Insurance products specially designed for these types of business are available on packages that can include very wide cover.

As a business, chances are you are working from office premises or an industrial unit, if you own the property then that needs covering, if you are a tenant you will still need to be covering your contents.

Cover options;

Public Liability Insurance, Product LiabilityEmployers Liability, Efficacy cover, Professional Indemnity, Office Insurance and Cover if you hold parts and stock.

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