Plant Insurance

Owned or Hired in.

Contractors Plant is one of the most targeted items of machinery for theft, make sure yours is covered.

Do you hire in plant

Are you aware of the conditions that you are hiring under, the usual set of conditions are Contractors Plant Asscociation (SCPA in Scotland) or Hire Association Europe (HAE). There are others but these are the key two that most hire shops would be working to. Make sure you understand your obligations under these conditions, they are different when it comes to insurance.

Don’t forget your smaller items owned or hired in such as Theodolites and similar, take Kango Drill, are they plant or are they portable hand tools, we cover them under portable tools.

Scaffolding, this is usually just taken for granted and can be easily missed on a contractors plant insurance schedule. Whilst the the odd scaffold pole or batten may not be noticed if it goes, a full tower scaffold certainly will, by the very nature of tower scaffold, they are very portable as well as being sought after

For contractors plant insurance we can quote Plant in Isolation as well as part of an overall portfolio of covers – Contract Works Insurance, Liability such a Public Liability insurance and many other associated covers.

With access to the entire construction insurance market you can be sure that not only do we understand your business we can place even the most high risk trades!

Contact us for an in depth review of not just your contractors plant insurance cover, but your insurance cover for your business in general.

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